All societies and cultures, have limits on what is acceptable behavior and what is allowable in the way of personal expression, yet the arts remain a relatively free space in which to create more complicated forms of public interaction. In July 2012 the Cambodian-German Cultural Center Meta House launches the first FREE YOUR MINDS Festival, with kind support of Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation and numerous other partners. Musicians, performers, DJs and film directors are traveling to Cambodia to celebrate the freedom of the arts. Artists from SE Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA gather in Phnom Penh for a creative exchange of ideas.

The exhibition project "Global Hybrid: Freedom!" opens on 6th July, 6PM at Meta House. Curated by Denise A. Scott, it exposes many domains and connotations associated with the word "Freedom". Anida Yoeu Ali & Masahiro Sugano's videos expose Political Freedom and Freedom of Speech; Vietnamese artist Tuan Mami advocate the importance of Physical Freedom and Healthy Lifestyles. UuDam Nguyen and Oeur Sokuntevy reflect both male and female perspectives on the issue. On the other spectrum, the environmental concerns of Freedom which reclaim our resources of water, waste, and over indulgences of sustainable communities, are aptly portrayed in Suthat Pinruethai's and Chhim Sothy's works. Soun Seney unfolds Spiritual Freedom; Denise A. Scott and Sayon Syprasoueth , as artists and educators, indulge in the Freedom of an Education and Freedom to Read realms.

9 exhibitions in total are scheduled at Meta House, Java Café é and Gallery, Top Art Gallery and Botanic Café. On the 16th July, 6PM, we are temporarily re-opening the "old Meta House" (#6, Street 264) for an exhibition by German artist Ingo Seliger and Cambodians Phe Sophon, Chea Sokhon, Chan Thorn. Please read more about it in this leaflet.

NGOs, universities and youth groups have helped us to develop a meaningful program, which consists of over 100 film screenings, performances, presentations and workshops at Meta House. Together with our audience we'll discuss critical environmental and social issues, with a strong focus on Cambodia's recent development. All events are free of any admission charges. Everybody is invited to participate!

A special credit goes to the American film distributor "Video Project", which supplied a number of great international documentaries. The organizers from Berlin's "Interfilm" Short Film Festival send their regards to Phnom Penh by letting us screen their "Confrontation" series - amazing human rights short films from around the globe.

Last but not least, FREE YOUR MINDS 2012 also features brand new works of young Cambodian filmmakers, photographers and writers, as well as various contributions from their expat colleagues. Our festival website will showcase all entries and the documentation of this unique festival.

We thank you all for making it happen!
Your Meta House Team